Monday, July 8, 2013

ExtrabiomesXL 3.13.6c for Minecraft 1.6.2 (Minecraft Forge

Well it is that time again Minecraft 1.6.2 is just around the corner with bug fixes galore, so it is time for another version bump for ExtrabiomesXL. Once again this is almost a straight port from 3.13.5, though it due to the change in forge it may necessitate an update depending on weather forestry changes it's api for 1.6.x.

For now you will have to satisfy any of your biome cravings with this updated download. (Updated to fix a dedicated server bug.)

As for the final content update for v3 that we have been doing so that I could finish getting my feet wet in the code things have started to move along.

Sadly although there has been quite a bit of progress over the weekend, most of it is supposed to be a surprise so I can't really let the cat out of the bag just yet. That said I did manage to sneak in a quick screen shot of one of the no "key" features for the content update.
Pay no attention to the blurred out sections of the screen shot.
"These are not the new textures you are looking for."
It has been long in coming, and Scott had originally pushed console commands to v4, but I needed them for some of the bug finding that I am doing so I've been working on them in between completing issues for the content update. Of the chat commands the most important ones are /ebxl lastseed and /ebxl spawntree, which will enable us to track down bad tree generations. There have been a number of times where I have had a large number of ExtrabiomesXL trees growing at the same time and noticed occasionally that the generated tree has messed up, missing part of its trunk or such. /ebxl lastseed lets me a a developer get the random number that was used for generating that erroring tree and ensure that it was part of the random number generation that caused it to error out by passing the seed to /ebxl spawntree and regenerating the exact same tree.

/ebxl spawntree also has the potential to be used by map makers if they want a specific tree looking tree to spawn. Some of the trees in the content update will get a bit of a face lift hopefully enabling better generation, and in v4 every tree will be getting a full rewrite to enable more variety so having this in-place now should make it easier down the road. When trees have a larger variety being able to say I know that if I use the seed of 12345 I will get a short fir tree that would look just right in this spot can be a boon to those who want it.

As I said earlier I can't say much at the moment about the other things that we have been doing for the 1.6.2 content update, though there have been a number of bugs that have been closed, and an updated development environment. I'll see if I can con talk anyone else on the team to give some sort of preview of a couple of the new things that we are doing in the content update few the next few days.

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