Monday, April 14, 2014

Still Alive

So, it's apology time. We're way behind on our release schedule and it's about 80% my fault. Even my kids are starting to pester me for an update. We have good excuses including multiple illnesses and ridiculous work schedules - but nobody cares about that.

The main reason things have been taking time is that our work on the 1.7.x release was stalled when we saw some of Mojang's patch notes for 1.8 - that completely invalidated things that Shecky was working on at the moment. And that's kind of demoralizing - knowing we have to make a change... that we will have to undo in the immediate future.

But we're back on top of things and progress on the 1.7 update is moving along nicely - it's still not there but it's coming along. That said, we do have an update for 1.6 in testing. It is primarily a bugfix release but fixes strawberries a bit and should make upgrading to 1.7 easier when that time comes.

Strawberry Behavior Update
My initial strawberry release had things working how Pam's Harvestcraft regrowing crops work. They're nigh indestructible and replant themselves at 50% growth when you harvest their fruit by breaking them. The way you get rid of them is digging the ground out underneath and maybe then breaking the floating plant. It's not the most elegant solution but it's fast and a major food mod uses it.

But it's not what most people expect. So, I've rewritten things to work more like Natura's cotton. Left or right clicking will harvest the crop if it is ready (and won't reset its growth by accident). Holding left click for a few seconds to break the block will break the plant and require you to replant it.

So hopefully this is more useful for everyone.

There are also some minor issues with strawberries and Waila that we will definitely be fixing for the next update.

Right now, the only real outstanding bug is a potential issue reported with newer versions of ATG. We've not had a chance to look into this yet - but we will do so soon and will include any necessary fix in the release if we find one.

So bear with us, we're getting there, it's just taking a bit longer than anyone hoped it would.