Friday, November 29, 2013

Release News - Help Wanted!


There have been multiple releases of ExtrabiomesXL since our last blog post (sorry for being so quiet). We're now at version 3.14.5, and bspkrs - author of several notable Minecraft mods - has joined our team and has done some great work these past releases.

Arguably the most prominent change has been support for the incredible ATG mod. Now ExtrabiomesXL biomes can generate in your ATG worlds. :)

For a full list of changes, as always you can refer to the changelog on our wiki located over at GitHub. Also, if you are fluent in geek, you can take a look at our commit log.

We're also currently looking for help in the form of additional coders for ExtrabiomesXL. We're looking for someone whom can work in a collaborative open minded team environment, has a good knowledge of Java/Minecraft/Minecraft Forge programming and can do basic programming math suitable for things like terrain generation, trees, ect (I probably could have worded that better ;) ). If you're interested, please contact Annysia on the Minecraft Forums, with information about your capabilities, availability and past works. Thanks!

We're still working towards EBXL4. When Minecraft Forge updates for Minecraft 1.7, we'll be pushing out an update for the current 3.x series to support it.

I'd help out more, but it seems programming (or maybe just Java) isn't my thing.

Thanks for reading!
- Mr. Fibre