Sunday, July 28, 2013

EBXL 3.14.0 - Released!

EBXL 3.1.4 has now been released.  This will be the last content update for v3 and we will now begin work on v4.  We will continue to do bug fixes, minor tweaks and update to current Minecraft versions until v4 comes out.  You can find the download here

3.1.4 includes:
  • 5 New Trees and Shrubs (Bald Cypress, Cypress, Japanese Maple, Rainbow Eucalyptus and Japanese Maple Shrub)

Bald Cypress in Green Swamp
Cypress Tree and Japanese Maple Tree in a Forested Hill Biome

Rainbow Eucalyptus in a Extreme Jungle
  • 5 New Logs and their Planks, Slabs, Stairs
    • Bald Cypress Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
    • Cypress Logs
    • Japanese Maple Logs
    • Rainbow Eucalyptus Logs (Normal, Quarter, and Elbow)
    • Autumn Logs
  • Updated and Textures
    • Fir Logs, Fir Quarter Logs, Acacia Logs, and Redwood Quarter Logs
    • Flowers have gotten a much needed texture and naming overhaul.
      • Hydrangea - New texture
      • Buttercups - New texture
      • Purple flowers are now called Lavender and have a new texture.
      • Calla Lilies are not only spelled correctly but actually resemble the real things.
    • Autumn woods leaves and saplings now have fresh colors, and more lively textures.

  • Self Planting Saplings
    • All ExtrabiomesXL saplings have a chance or replanting themselves if left on the ground for to long.
    • The replant rates are relative to how many saplings a tree will drop on average so larger trees with more saplings should not overpopulate the forest floor with saplings if you do not pick them up.
    • The sapling replant rate is configurable via the config file, on a per tree basis. Sapling replant chance can be disabled by setting to 0% chance.
  • Console Commands for Debugging and Map Making (Blog for more Details)
  • The scarecrow now scares mobs away in the same fashion as an Iron Golem.
  • Bug Fixes (There were quite a few that are not listed)
    • Trees did not tell leaves that they were capable of supporting them, leading to massive leaf de-spawning after a block update near a tree.
    • Log turner no longer skips rotations on old log types.
    • Horses didn't spawn in any of ExtrabiomesXL's biomes. They now spawn in the Meadow, Mountain Ridge, Savanna, and Shrubland biomes.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Growth of a Tree - Another 3.14.0 Update

Well it is time again, time to take a peak into the progress of 3.14.0. We are still not done, but as I mentioned in our last post we have been working on making the new tree generation code more reusable, so although we only have one more new tree completed today, the Bald Cypress, in creating it, we added most of the building blocks that will be needed for the last remaining trees.

But before we get to far ahead of ourselves, lets take a look at the normal Cypress and see how it has developed since last update.
Leaner, Meaner but Not Any Greener.
Since the last update we have put a bit more work tweaking the settings on the cypress trees to get them to look more like our reference photos, while at the same time still allowing for a degree of variety in their generation. This new breed of Cypress are thin and lanky with a nice variety in height, with their leaves starting at a variety of different heights as well.

As for the Bald Cypress, I thought that it would be neat to give a look into how it developed, which meant more pictures than normal, so in keeping with the current front-page format, the story of the Bald Cypress development is after the break.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Seeds of Growth - A 3.14.0 Update

Well were are running a little behind schedule, and we still a few things left to complete, mostly on my end as I got busy helping to build a deck out in the hot sun this week so I haven't had the free time that I thought I would have to build the new trees world generation code. Although I haven't had as much time as I would have liked, our texture genius, Zenth has been doing some more tweaking to the textures, and correcting some of my spelling mistakes in the new blocks.
The first official Cypress tree candidate generated by minecraft.
However I finally had some time to work on world generation code for that we are using as a basis for the new trees and I finally have our first candidate for generating one of our new trees, the Cypress tree. At the moment these somewhat lanky trees have the base of their trunk that rapidly flares out the main part of their foliage and then gradually slop up to their tops. These normal cypress trees at the moment are made with a couple "building blocks" that should be able to be used on other trees without our having to copy code like was done in the old trees, making it much easier to maintain and update in the future.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3.14.0 Update, The last update for v3

Since it has been almost a week since we last had an update, I thought I would show off what is coming in 3.14.0, which will be the last content update to ExtrabiomesXL v3.  I know that many of you are still eagerly awaiting v4 and our team is very excited about it too.  We are very much looking forward to all the new content it will add, as well as using the new terrain generator which will make for much better looking worlds.

Shecky took over as lead developer right about the time that 1.6 was about to be released and he wanted to get familiar with our code first before tackling v4.  So the ExtrabiomesXL team decided that we would do a small content update for v3 first, so that Shecky could get into our code and at the same time give our fans a few new things to play around with while waiting for v4.

Legend Oak
Shecky will be looking at the code for the Legend Oak so that it spawns only where it is suppose to spawn instead of how it is doing now, as it appears to be spawning where ever it wants to spawn.  We hope to also work on it's design and make it look more "legendary".

Below are some screen shots of the new leaves, logs, slabs, planks, stairs, saplings and flowers.  The new trees are the bald cypress tree, rainbow eucalyptus tree, Japanese maple shrub and Japanese maple tree. We have also redone the textures for the autumn forest, acacia, red wood and fir trees.  Thanks to Zenth for the awesome new textures.

Left - Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown Autumn Leaves
Center (Top - Down) - Cypress, Acacia, Red Wood and Fir Leaves
Right (Top Down) - Rainbow Eucalyptus, Japanese Maple Shrub, Japanese Maple and Bald Cypress Leaves.

Monday, July 8, 2013

ExtrabiomesXL 3.13.6c for Minecraft 1.6.2 (Minecraft Forge

Well it is that time again Minecraft 1.6.2 is just around the corner with bug fixes galore, so it is time for another version bump for ExtrabiomesXL. Once again this is almost a straight port from 3.13.5, though it due to the change in forge it may necessitate an update depending on weather forestry changes it's api for 1.6.x.

For now you will have to satisfy any of your biome cravings with this updated download. (Updated to fix a dedicated server bug.)

As for the final content update for v3 that we have been doing so that I could finish getting my feet wet in the code things have started to move along.

Sadly although there has been quite a bit of progress over the weekend, most of it is supposed to be a surprise so I can't really let the cat out of the bag just yet. That said I did manage to sneak in a quick screen shot of one of the no "key" features for the content update.
Pay no attention to the blurred out sections of the screen shot.
"These are not the new textures you are looking for."

Thursday, July 4, 2013

1.5.2 to 1.6.1 Direct Port

Well it looks like we have all the kinks worked out in the transition from 1.5.x to 1.6.1/x. So as we start the last content update for v3 prior to us switching fully back to development v4 I wanted to get out the direct port of the 1.6.1 build of ExtrabiomesXL v3.

For anyone interested in testing out the new build, download it here and have at it and make sure to let us know in the comments below. The alpha is designed to work with Minecraft 1.6.1 and Minecraft Forge build Just use the installer for forge, although I would recommend that you modify the profile that the forge installer creates for you in the launcher. If you change the game directory for the forge profile you don't have to worry about forge trying to load mods for other versions of minecraft. According to the forge release notes this is supposed to change in the future, but it hasn't been working for me in my tests so I have simply created a new game directory for my testing.

If you are of the more technically inclined variety and are wondering what we have learned in our updating from 1.5.x to 1.6.1 read on, if not the feel free to go off and have fun with the alpha.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1.6.x Update Progress - Part 2

The work on the 1.6.x update continues. We now have a mostly working indev build, now updated with textures.

As you can see in the background there are some Autumn Woods trees in the background, and you probably should have noticed that the little ExtrabiomesXL Scarecrow is not showing up on the creative tab. Presently the scarecrow has not been fully updated to 1.6.x resource pack format, so at the moment he has been disabled. But fear not for Anderzel's Hot Date, it will be making a triumphant return to 1.6.x in all it's mob scaring glory by the time the first public build of ExtrabiomesXL hit's your downloads folder.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

1.6.x Update Progress - Part 1

Just a quick update to any one who is interested, we almost have v3 of ExtrabiomesXL for 1.6.x updated.

Ignore the texture errors. (It turn out that it was not the development environment and was being caused by the change from texture packs to resource packs.) I am in the midst of restructuring my development environment so as to make it so that we can update v3 and do our work on v4 in the same place without one mod affecting the other and as such textures are not showing up until I actually turn the mod into something that you can actually drop in your mods folder.

Now that I understand what has changed API wise in 1.6 compared to 1.5 I can revert my test code for 1.6 and cleanly update it for 1.6, along with completing the few other bug fixes that I still have in our pipeline and the other small new features that we want to add as part of my taking over as lead dev for ExtrabiomesXL.

Keep your eyes peeled as we update you on what is coming in what we hope to be the last set up updates for ExtrabiomesXL v3 before we Finally move on and are able to release v4.