Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1.6.x Update Progress - Part 2

The work on the 1.6.x update continues. We now have a mostly working indev build, now updated with textures.

As you can see in the background there are some Autumn Woods trees in the background, and you probably should have noticed that the little ExtrabiomesXL Scarecrow is not showing up on the creative tab. Presently the scarecrow has not been fully updated to 1.6.x resource pack format, so at the moment he has been disabled. But fear not for Anderzel's Hot Date, it will be making a triumphant return to 1.6.x in all it's mob scaring glory by the time the first public build of ExtrabiomesXL hit's your downloads folder.


  1. I wouldn't worry about the scarecrow, since it doesn't do anything. However, if you can make it scare the dang birds from Mo Creatures away from my crops, that would be awesome. :)

    1. They don't quite do nothing, as with recent updates, Bolte has given Scarecrows the ability to scare non-golem mobs:

      I'm not sure about how well that'd work with Mo' Creatures, though... But worth a shot.

    2. As Oliver said it should scare away anything that isn't a non-golems mobs. That being said, depending on if I am still doing v3 updates for 1.6.x when Mo Creatures updates to 1.6.x I might see if I can figure out if/why they really aren't being scared away from the scarecrow.

      And as for the reason that the scarecrow was important, it was mainly because it was used by the creative tab for ExtrabiomesXL. Besides, who would want to make Anderzel an sad panda?