Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3.14.0 Update, The last update for v3

Since it has been almost a week since we last had an update, I thought I would show off what is coming in 3.14.0, which will be the last content update to ExtrabiomesXL v3.  I know that many of you are still eagerly awaiting v4 and our team is very excited about it too.  We are very much looking forward to all the new content it will add, as well as using the new terrain generator which will make for much better looking worlds.

Shecky took over as lead developer right about the time that 1.6 was about to be released and he wanted to get familiar with our code first before tackling v4.  So the ExtrabiomesXL team decided that we would do a small content update for v3 first, so that Shecky could get into our code and at the same time give our fans a few new things to play around with while waiting for v4.

Legend Oak
Shecky will be looking at the code for the Legend Oak so that it spawns only where it is suppose to spawn instead of how it is doing now, as it appears to be spawning where ever it wants to spawn.  We hope to also work on it's design and make it look more "legendary".

Below are some screen shots of the new leaves, logs, slabs, planks, stairs, saplings and flowers.  The new trees are the bald cypress tree, rainbow eucalyptus tree, Japanese maple shrub and Japanese maple tree. We have also redone the textures for the autumn forest, acacia, red wood and fir trees.  Thanks to Zenth for the awesome new textures.

Left - Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown Autumn Leaves
Center (Top - Down) - Cypress, Acacia, Red Wood and Fir Leaves
Right (Top Down) - Rainbow Eucalyptus, Japanese Maple Shrub, Japanese Maple and Bald Cypress Leaves.

These are the logs that go with the leaves in the image above.
The 2 blocks in the front will be "roots" for the Rainbow Eucalyptus and the Bald Cypress.

These are the slabs, planks and stairs to go with the new wood.

These are the saplings and flowers to go with the new and re-vamped trees.

Another exciting new thing that we have added is the ability for tree saplings to self plant.  This, of course, will be something that you can turn off in the config if you don't want this option.  The chance for a sapling to self plant will be small percent, depending on if it doesn't land on something else and that it lands on the appropriate block for it to grow.

We hope to have the update out by Friday, if everything goes as planned.

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  1. Note that not all textures have been redrawn, and some of them may still be edited before the next release (especially leaves and saplings).

    I'm also aware that rainbow eucalyptus trees are beige on the inside, like most other real trees... but I SO wanted to have blue planks. :/