Monday, September 29, 2014

ExtrabiomesXL 3.16 - RC2 for Minecraft 1.7.10

Just getting out a quick bug fix here at the moment, but aside from textures for the doors this should be stable unless anything new pops up in between now and later this week.

At the moment there is not anything exciting as I'm just finishing up bug fixes and such. I am prepping for a rewrite to our tree generation code at the moment and hopefully by the time Zenth gets back from his trip and is able to work on the other doors, I'll have something to show from in regards to the trees although most of the work is just removing duplicate code and other not so glamorous things.


Download from Google Drive.
Download off Curse.

Change Log

  • Bugfixes
    • Biomes once again remember custom id's as set in config.
    • Scarecrow and cactus paste are once more craftable.
    • Redrock slabs and it's variants register prior to creating their crafting recipes so as to no longer create invalid recipes.

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