Thursday, May 29, 2014

ExtrabiomesXL 3.15.8 - Finally.

I'm sorry about the wait - there's not a lot of good reason why this build wasn't out 2 or 3 weeks ago. But it's here now. Like I promised in April, this is mostly a bunch of bugfixes with a few minor functionality updates. So, without further bumbling apology, the release:

Change Log

  • Redwood logs are once again craftable into planks.
  • Disabling strawberries by setting their block ID to zero no longer ruins everything.
  • Fixed crashing bug that sometimes occurred when flowers failed to generate.
  • Fixed vanilla biome disabling. It should now be possible to reliably turn off: desert, extreme hills, forest, jungle, swampland, taiga, and plains.
  • Strawberry plants now break like any other semi-sturdy block.
    • Right (or left) clicking once will harvest them if they are ripe.
    • Attempting to harvest before they are ready will do nothing.
  • Strawberry plants now identify correctly to Waila.
  • Explicit Forge BiomeDictionary support.
    • We've always had whatever automatic support there is, but now it's official.
  • Removed ATG and New Dawn libraries from the jar file.
    • This means that things shouldn't explode if you are running a newer but otherwise compatible version of either of these world type mods.
    • It also means that the mod is just ever so smaller to download now ;)
  • ALL flowers are now registered with Forestry, not just the original four.
  • Updated Russian localization.
I've tested the ATG/ND changes as much as I am able, but it is entirely possible that I still messed something up there. If you are using either mod and suddenly EBXL gets all wonky on you, please report the issue to us immediately so I can get another patch out.

Future Plans

Unless my tinfoil hat rusts and the aliens find my underground bunker... or you know, there are more bugs to fix, we have every intention of making EBXL4.0 our next release.

And while it will have a lot of changes under the hood, the surface of the mod should be largely familiar - so it will be released for MC1.7, with no backporting of features to MC1.6.

We're saving a lot of the really big updates for 4.1 and the addons...


  1. When did U plan to release version vor MC 1.7.2?

  2. Hello there I would like to add your mod to a modpack im going to run on my public server I can't find your legal info so I thought I should double check for permission. If you can get back with me my e-mail is

  3. The information is on the OP of our thread. You are free to use it in a mod pack so long as it is not used to make money.